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Do Not Make These Medicare Enrollment Mistakes

When it comes to Medicare, it is essential that you sign up for it as soon as you become eligible. Many people unknowingly make Medicare enrollment mistakes, which leads to loss of money and time later on. There is no doubt about the fact that the Medicare system is known for being a bit complicated. […]
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Medicare Advantage Plans

Most Medicare Advantage Plans offer free quarterly allowance for OTC (Over-The Counter) products.  See the list below.  This money can range from $25 to $300 a quarter depending upon the type of Medicare Advantage Plan you have.  So someone with a low income who qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid and is enrolled in a Dual-Eligible Special […]
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Understanding Your Medical Bill

Everyone knows the feeling of dread that creeps up when a medical bill arrives in the mail. It’s never cheap, and oftentimes it’s full of mistakes! Statistics show that up to 80% of medical bills can contain errors. So how can we avoid paying too much? Request an Itemized Medical Bill Medical bills generally show […]
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5 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is scary, difficult, upsetting and many more things. What it is not, is totally preventable or curable. While the FDA and Pharma companies argue whether new drugs can or cannot cure and prevent the disease, it’s important to focus on the small things you can do every day to keep your brain in tip top shape!
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Doctors Discover Anti-Breast Cancer Diet

Mediterranean foods may reduce your breast cancer risk Reprinted from Headline Health, October 26, 2018 HealthLine – Like your gut, the breast has a microbiome, and a new study shows it can be directly influenced by what you eat. And, like the gut microbiome, it can be affected by diet, according to researchers at Wake […]
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