Understanding Your Medical Bill

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Everyone knows the feeling of dread that creeps up when a medical bill arrives in the mail. It’s never cheap, and oftentimes it’s full of mistakes! Statistics show that up to 80% of medical bills can contain errors. So how can we avoid paying too much?

Request an Itemized Medical Bill

Medical bills generally show a few lines of vague details and then a cost. You are entitled to an itemized bill that will show you how much each part of your visit costs, down to the gauze they put underneath your bandaging. Itemizing everything makes it easier to check that you are paying for what you actually got!

Check the Billing Codes
Codes tell the billing office a few things – what kind of service you got (testing, procedures, etc), the products used, the diagnoses and the facility in which you were served. With so many codes it’s easy to get confused, so make sure everything matches up!

While this isn’t the flea market in an exotic location where negotiation is expected, it is accepted. Doctors and hospitals want to get paid and often will settle on a payment plan or a lump sum.

While these tips are all great for post-procedure handling of your bills, the best thing to do is to make sure you have a great insurance policy from the get go! Together we can settle on a plan that serves your needs and protects you from major charges!

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