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Enjoy the additional benefits of the Medicare Extra Help Program!

Now, some people won’t need to pay the Part D late enrollment penalty for not enrolling in a prescription drug plan when they are eligible. For details, visit or call me at 404-518-6822. Did you know? In 2022, the income limits for Extra Help with Medicare are $19,320 for individuals and $26,130 for married […]
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Do Not Make These Medicare Enrollment Mistakes

When it comes to Medicare, it is essential that you sign up for it as soon as you become eligible. Many people unknowingly make Medicare enrollment mistakes, which leads to loss of money and time later on. There is no doubt about the fact that the Medicare system is known for being a bit complicated. […]
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Medicare Advantage Plans

Most Medicare Advantage Plans offer free quarterly allowance for OTC (Over-The Counter) products.  See the list below.  This money can range from $25 to $300 a quarter depending upon the type of Medicare Advantage Plan you have.  So someone with a low income who qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid and is enrolled in a Dual-Eligible Special […]
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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

If you are still procrastinating about getting long term care insurance” please don’t wait until its too late to qualify. Some carriers will only take applications until age 72 or 74 and by then they are very expensive. This article below was written in 2015 by Brian Vestergaard. Read the original here here. However, within […]
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Understanding Your Medical Bill

Everyone knows the feeling of dread that creeps up when a medical bill arrives in the mail. It’s never cheap, and oftentimes it’s full of mistakes! Statistics show that up to 80% of medical bills can contain errors. So how can we avoid paying too much? Request an Itemized Medical Bill Medical bills generally show […]
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