Supplemental Health

Ancillary Health Plans fill in the gaps from your other insurance.  The best know Supplemental Insurance is Medicare Supplemental aka Medigap.  By stacking different plans together you will end up spending less on premiums and health care than a ACA major medical plan. This is especially true if you don’t receive any or a small amount of tax credit with Obamacare plans.

Here is a list supplemental health insurance policies that cover:

  1. Gap Insurance – that covers your deductible and possible out of pocket expenses
  2. Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and other Critical Illness Policies
  3. Dental, Vision and Hearing
  4. Accident and Catastrophic Accident
  5. Short Term Care, Home Recovery
  6. Hospital Indemnity Plans that cover a fixed amount for X number of days in the hospital
  7. Travel Medical Insurance if you get sick while outside the United States
  8. Short Term Medical
  9. Plans that covers well, preventative and immunizations that Short Term Medical doesn’t cover
  10. More products available.

Please request a quote from quote on any of these products.  I am here to help

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Supplemental Health